Sharjah to welcome more tourists and eco travellers

The Emirates of Sharjah, part of the United Arab Emirates, has announced plans to boost tourism and eco tourism in the country.

Sharjah Media Centre, the official media entity of the government of Sharjah, announced the decision. It had held its third Ramadan Majlis, titled ‘The Promotion of Sharjah’s Cultural, Environmental and Tourism Sectors’. The programme highlighted eco-tourism challenges and how eco tourism could be nurtured in the country. It also went on to explain in depth how more projects could be attracted to Sharjah.

The summit announced three major environmental and tourism projects. One is the Al Hafya Educational Reserve Centre, which is a safe haven for mountain dwelling animals. The second is an all-year exhibition for predatory birds and animals, and the third is a purpose-built recreational water park project for families.

The country is planning to increase the inflow of tourists by benefiting from the growing number of visitors to the region. Currently, approximately 1.6 million tourists visit the emirate each year. Out of these, close to 30 percent come in from the East Asian and European countries. The authorities have also announced plans to increase the number of available hotel rooms.

Her excellency, Hana Saif Al Suwaidi, said, ‘International studies have proven that eco-tourism is one of the most attractive categories of tourism; it accounts more than 30 percent of the growth in tourism worldwide. Sharjah’s harmonious diversity among the natural environment from the east and west coasts to the desert and from mountainous areas to the plains is demonstrated through some of its iconic environmental projects. For instance, the Al Hafya Educational Reserve Centre stands out by virtue of its location in a mountainous area that is devoid of any buildings.’