British Cuisine Gets Thumbs-Down from Tourists

Foreign tourists are not impressed with British cuisine, according to the findings of a recent survey.

The survey, which was carried out by, revealed that tourists from the United States, Australia and Norway had voted UK food the worst local food when dining out on holiday.

Britons are proud of their ‘national dishes’ of fish and chips, traditional roast dinner and full English breakfast, and these topped the list of meals that Brits thought that foreign tourists should try during their visits. However, these offerings apparently failed to win over the food-loving foreigners.

British travellers, meanwhile, expressed their admiration for American food, voting it best for family dining, best value for money and best street food. Polling 19 percent of the vote, US food was the clear leader in these categories, with Brits putting Thai food in second place.

In the best local cuisine category, the British preferences were closer to home, with Italian food coming out on top, closely followed by French cuisine.

And while foreign visitors might be quick to denounce British food, Brits themselves owned up to pining for it when they were out of the country, with 74 percent of them saying that they missed UK food and drink when abroad. A cup of British made tea was the most missed, on a list that also included chocolate, roast meals and, of course, fish and chips.

Kate Hopcraft from said in the Daily Mail, ‘It’s great to see that us Brits are proud of our traditional food with nothing beating a good brew as the one thing Brits miss most when away – we must remember to pack our own teabags to satisfy our cravings!’