Wyoming not to be affected by cuts in tourist budget

The tourism department in the US state of Wyoming has said that it would not be restricted by the recent budget cuts, and was very confident that it would have enough capital to take care of its main tourism goals.

The head of Wyoming’s Office of Tourism, said that her department would be able to absorb a possible 8 percent proposed budget cut without endangering those tourism goals, although the proposed cut would mean that Diane Shober, director of the office, would have to make ends meet with USD1m less than she would normally have been granted. She however said that the department would have to make some adjustments in order to deal with the slowdown in cash flow.

Shober added that the budget cut would not affect her department’s plans, and said that the office would pursue its annual marketing campaigns and attempt to complete them as before. But she did say that the cost restrictions would mean fewer familiarisation tours or one or two fewer trade shows

Shober said, ‘When we looked at all these reductions, we said we want to keep the core essence of our advertising and marketing intact. But we would not completely eliminate things that we know provide marketing opportunities that can really return visitors to Wyoming or support our overall industry throughout the state. The thing that really provides the best lift to the overall consumer marketing, which drives the majority of the economy, comes in the advertising dollars that we kept intact.’