Cleartrip keeps iPhone users in the loop with new app

India-based travel advisor and travel portal, Cleartrip, has announced that it has launched a new application for iPhone users.

The firm, which had earlier launched mobile-site applications for smart phones, has now launched its new application for the iPhone. It said that the new app would help to improve customers’ flight-management activities.

Available for download, the app may be used to check on important flights and destinations, and customers can book tickets using the mobile device while on the move.

The application is claimed to be unique in that it makes flight management easy for customers with a split-screen search feature that has been integrated into the mobile platform. It allows customers to check ticket prices through the device. The firm said that all these functions could be performed on one screen simultaneously.

The new app also has geo-location feature that will help customers to select the airport for their departure based on its proximity to the users’ current location. The app also offers the ability to easily swap the ‘from’ and ‘to’ cities with a tap. Special round-trip flight discounts, where applicable, can also be tracked using the app.

The mobile application will allow users to pay for services using credit cards, debit cards, a net banking account or by signing into their Cleartrip account. Payments using Expressway, a one-click checkout service, is also available. In short, the app is a portal to allow customers to plan, manage and execute their travel plans while on the move.

The firm said that the flight bookings, which are now available only in India, would be soon extended to other nations.