Holiday Arguments Are Rife With British Couples

Rather than taking the opportunity to savour the closeness and freedom of those all too infrequent holidays away together, British couples have a whole catalogue of holiday argument topics that they work their way through while vacationing, according to a recent survey.

1,000 Brits were questioned for the survey that was carried out by holiday booking website, The research was intended to discover the flashpoints and tensions that sparked those holiday arguments that can cast a cloud over the entire time away.

Topping the list was the Green-eyed Monster, jealousy, predominantly harboured by women angered by their partners’ lingering looks at other females on the beach dressed in skimpy beachwear.

Disagreements over how to pass the time came a close second, with men inclined towards more active pursuits than their partners. Third on the list was a disagreement over eating preferences, which was closely allied to the fourth most popular friction, accusations that one or the other partner is drinking too much.

Arguments relating to map reading, what to pack, the time women take to get ready for a night out, holiday finances, the time taken to get to the airport, and disagreements over converting currency, accounted for the remainder of the top ten.

And according to the survey’s respondents, holiday arguments are far from being a rarity, with 79 percent of couples admitting to having at least two major disagreements during their break, and 62 percent claiming to be warring almost continually.

Hot weather, the inclination to consume more alcohol, and an unaccustomed amount of time spent in close proximity to one another are all possible reasons for holidays being such argument hotbeds.