UK universities still popular with foreign students

Although a report was release today that showed that the increase in tuition fees for English and Welsh students has negatively impacted applications to UK universities, foreign students still see the UK as an attractive place to study.

Many foreign students from all over the world go to the UK to study, whether it be for an erasmus exchange or a full time degree. The majority of them stay in the country after graduating. Those thinking¬†about working in the UK often, later on, start a family there. But what’s so special about the place that is famous for its bad weather and weird traffic regulations?

In general, universities in the UK have a great reputation and are therefore are a very popular choice among students from other countries. The multiculturalism and social benefits are advantages other countries don’t necessary have. Although tuition fees are increasing, a lot of parents still want their children to finish a degree in a UK university and therefore are willing to pay the extra costs. The bigger cities in the UK like London and Manchester have many international companies and so there are good prospects for foreign students. But those who think that getting a job there is easy, should be warned. The UK labour market is very competitive. You have to be a specialist in your respective field to have a chance of getting a job.

Students going to the UK should keep a few things in mind. If you are coming from another country in Europe expect to spend more money on food and accommodation than at home, especially if you are going to London (exceptions apply). You will often end up asking your parents to send money to the UK so you wouldn’t have to starve there. The best thing to do as preparation before leaving for the UK is to check online for supermarket and accommodation prices to have a general idea how much you will have to spend per month. Don’t forget that not all supermarkets have the same prices. Check your surroundings to make sure you get the best deals of the things you buy.