St Barths already preparing for Christmas revelry

Caribbean island, St. Barths, is being decked up to receive the rich and famous for this year’s Christmas holidays, as it has become one of the must-visit holiday destinations for the elite, according to

The tiny island claims to be blessed with all of the natural assets that make it a tourist’s haven. A green-blue harbour and landing strips for private jets are just some of the many facilities that attract celebrities and the well to do.

St. Barths has villas, hotels, spas, restaurants, and numerous recreation options for those who have enough time and money on their hands. The island is especially attractive to migratory tourists intent on escaping the harsh winters in parts of Europe.

The island has ambitious plans to celebrate this year’s festive season, as it sets out to provide its Christmas visitors with a holiday to remember.

St. Barth’s Christmas celebrations will start on December 12, with ‘The Colours of Christmas in St. Barths,’ an annual two-and-half week competition that involves businesses vying with one another to create the best storefront window decorations. A panel of 10 judges will decide on the winners of the competition, and they will be announced at a December 30 cocktail party on Quai General de Gaulle in Gustavia.

The Port of Gustavia will host the St. Barths Christmas Village from December 12 to 23, providing ample opportunities for shoppers to choose from the European-style market’s merchandise.

The island also hosts the annual New Year’s Eve Regatta, beginning on December 31st. It is during the Regatta that yacht owners visit the harbours for fun and friendly nautical competitions. Once the competitions come to an end, visitors are treated to live music, dance and a fireworks display.