Eco Caravan Launched in UK for Sustainable Travel

A new green caravan is now in the offing, deigned to appeal to fans of portable holiday homes that are also keen on sustainable caravan travel.

Park Resorts, a UK-based company that offers caravan holidays and caravan ownership around the UK coastline, is partnering with ABI, a caravan manufacturer, to introduce the ABI Pure range of environmentally friendly caravan holiday homes in the UK.

The new ABI Pure range of caravans are claimed to be better insulated to prevent energy loss, offer dual flush in bathroom cisterns for lower water consumption, as well as having controlled double glazing and central heating for sustainable energy use. The ABI Pure also claims to offer energy saving features such as energy-efficient bulbs, which use less power than conventional light sources.

Michael Clark, the sales and operations director at Park Resorts, said, ‘No other operator is currently offering the ABI Pure and we have 40 on order, enabling us to offer our customers the opportunity to buy this unique eco caravan.

We are constantly looking at ways of offering our customers greener options and the ABI Pure gives owners that flexibility. At Park Resorts, we feel that we have a responsibility to care for the planet.’

The company is offering complimentary transportation and connection to an existing static caravan, if the owner would like to move to any of the Park Resorts areas from elsewhere.

The resort properties owned by the company are located at 39 destinations in Essex, Yorkshire, Kent, Sussex and Scotland.