London Underground Completes Record Number of Journeys during 2012 Olympics

London Underground, a rapid transit system in the UK’s capital city, has reported the completion of around 46.95 million passenger journeys in the first 12 days of the recently concluded Olympic games.

The transport system has reported the completion of 11.05 million more journeys during the initial 12 days of the 2012 Olympics, or around a 30 percent increase, compared with same period in the preceding year. This is a record number of journeys completed in a given period by the network.

This news comes as the transport network continues to serve record numbers of passengers, as Londoners and visitors continue to flock to London’s attractions.

Weekend Tube traffic has seen the biggest percentage increase, with last Sunday’s numbers being 77 percent higher than the same day last year, and Tuesday saw more than 4.5 million Tube journeys – the highest number in the Tube’s history.

The transport commissioner for London, Peter Hendy, said earlier, ‘We’re incredibly grateful to Londoners for adapting their travel patterns throughout the Olympics. By travelling outside peak times or taking different routes, it’s made a huge contribution to ensuring the success of the Games and keeping London moving.

We will need to continue to keep this sensible planning going, avoiding the busiest times and places, as we enter the Paralympics in just 19 days time.

This summer presents a huge wealth of opportunities spanning sport and culture and Londoners and visitors should take advantage of the many theatres, restaurants, shops, free concerts, Live Sites and attractions that the capital has to offer.’