British Travellers Shirk Packing Responsibilities

British travellers allow their spouses to do their packing, while others rely on their mothers, according to the results of a recent survey released by Travelodge Hotels, a UK-based company that owns and operates hotel properties worldwide.

Around 20 percent of travellers allow their partners to pack for them, while around 10 percent of those questioned have their mothers pack for them. The study of 5,000 travellers reported that 26 percent of the respondents find packing for a journey stressful, while 21 percent have reported not having enough time to pack for themselves.

A Travelodge spokesperson, Shakila Ahmed, said, ‘We were shocked to find over a quarter of people dodging their own holiday preparation. It’s packing avoidance at its worst!

And we’re not talking about teenagers, 25 to 34 year olds were revealed to be the biggest culprits!’

Males are more likely to ask their spouses to pack for them than vice versa, the report suggested, with around 28 percent more men asking their spouses to pack for them, than women asking their husbands. Around 59 percent of the people surveyed have reported having an argument over packing, and 20 percent have admitted that packing for other family members adds stress to their vacations.

The report also suggested that people from Northern Ireland are the most organised, and that citizens from the East of England are the least organised. Around 21 percent of British travellers create a written list of things to pack, while 19 percent of the respondents simply threw in whatever came to hand without any forethought.