Want to become a space tourist?

NASA has developed a strategy for long-term missions to create lunar settlements with goals to explore and colonize space. A private company that has sent all of the space tourists to space so far who have paid over US$20 million is now planning a lunar mission which will cost US$100 million. With advances in technology and a price for a trip to space at US$100,000, that opens a significant market of people who would love the experience and can afford it.

“The ‘Future of Space Tourism Summit,’ is a unique event and nothing like it has ever been created in this format. Story Musgrave is a NASA astronaut and a special guest and speaker at this summit. Story himself is unique, and with his inspiring presentation of ‘Earth from Space’ and his personal collection of photographs, integrated with experts discussing the future of space travel, sex in space and off-earth reproduction, space travel solutions coming to market, eco and our planet, and innovation, this summit will be unique in its format and extremely inspiring!” said John Hazlewood, CEO of www.CenTransit.bg at a press conference in Sofia, Bularia. He added: “I have been fortunate to have seen Story go up in space several times, I have heard his presentations, and it really makes you think of things you have never thought about; it’s an inspiring experience that you will never forget. This is a perfect event for companies to bring their employees and important customers and can serve as a team building and corporate PR activity.”

Story Musgrave flew on all the US space shuttles, and he is a professional photographer with a collection of his work and photos from space; he is inspiring millions of people worldwide. He will show participants incredible photos of our beautiful Earth, which he took from space while on his missions, and share what the future space tourist will see and experience: “Our Beautiful Earth – The view from above.”

This once in a lifetime inspirational event will be held on March 17 in Sofia Bulgaria.