More holiday heaven, less holiday hell: how to have a stress-free summer break

The holiday season is officially here and as such, many of us are booking a quick fix in order to escape the torrential downpour. Unfortunately, whilst last minute holidays may be a common option, there is always a great deal of preparation  needed to ensure your chosen trip is more holiday heaven than holiday hell.


Whether you choose a stay-cation or a trip further afield, it is important to plan every last detail in advance. From the journey, the airport and the airport parking, to the hotel and airport transfers, planning is a must if you wish to achieve a stress-free summer break.

Checking traffic sites for any problems on the motorway will certainly allow you to reach your destination in plenty of time, whilst booking your airport parking in advance will save you both time and money.

You should also investigate ticket prices prior to travel. Sites such as Flybe offer plenty of affordable flights which you can take advantage of, and these will depart from a number of UK airports.


Investing in a guidebook will allow you to maintain a plan of action; this is especially wise if you intend to travel with young children: the last thing you want is to arrive in a foreign land with no clue of what to do and what to see.


Planning how you intend to get to and from the airport is a must. Check whether your holiday provider has included transfers in advance; if not, it is important to book these as soon as possible.

Those that have booked extremely early flights from Southampton airport may wish to invest in an airport hotel. Such an option saves you getting up at the crack of dawn and also allows you to put your mind at rest, knowing that you are within close vicinity to the airport. It also reduces the risk of you being late for check-in.


It is surprising how many people forget to check the directions for an airport prior to the day of travel. If you are travelling from an airport that you are unfamiliar with; it is important to map out your route in advance. Many travellers are able to source great fares from smaller, less central airports, such as Southampton airport.

Looking at the airports official site is an easy way to gain knowledge of its whereabouts. All that is required of you is to leave plenty of time to get there.


Lastly, to prevent potential delays and additional fees it is important that you pack sensibly when preparing for your flight. If you wish for a smooth check-in, make sure you have read the airlines terms and conditions prior to your departure and investigate their specific luggage restrictions.

Remember that those with bags weighing more than the standard weight will be charged heavily and any oversized liquids within your hand luggage will instantly be removed.