New Interactive On-Line Site Aids Arizona Tourism

Travellers requiring information on the US state of Arizona will now be able to obtain it by visiting the Arizona Office of Tourism’s (AOT) new website.

The department said that it has launched an interactive website that will provide pertinent details to customers who are planning the places of interest that they intend to see in the state, prior to visiting it in person. The department said that the site is equipped in such a way that visitors can experience Arizona’s diverse recreational destinations and unique cultural sites, on-line.

The site is being presented by the AOT, which has partnered with the Arizona Council for Enhancing Recreation & Tourism (ACERT). The online version of the Recreation and Cultural Sites Map is a new interactive experience for both residents and tourists of Arizona. Visitors who have access to a PC or tablet can view the site, which has been optimised for these devices. ACERT is made up of federal, state, universities and charitable organisations that attempt to focus attention on the diverse cultural and recreation visitor opportunities on public lands and tribal areas across the State.

A printed version of the Recreation & Cultural Sites Map had been available for the past two decades, and this is the first time that it has been presented online. The information provided on the media covers information about Arizona’s national parks and monuments, federal recreational areas, Bureau of Land Management (BLM) sites, State Parks, Tribal attractions and state-wide cultural and historical locations.

By accessing these interactive maps, visitors can get an idea of the attractions that are on offer in the state. For example, it will provide details of where to take a boat trip, or to fish, raft, canoe, swim, view mountains or wildlife, find cultural and historical locations, ride equestrian trails etc. In short, customers can use the site to create a customised itinerary for themselves.

Sherry Henry, AOT director, said, ‘The Recreation & Cultural Sites Map is an exceptional tool for our visitors and now we are able to offer this helpful resource online. This map goes beyond the standard map and highlights Arizona’s exciting recreation and natural attributes as well as the diverse cultural, historical and archaeological sites found throughout the state.’

The interactive map is available at