Bon Beer Voyage for beer lovers

Bon Beer Voyage, a Boynton Beach, Florida-based company, has announced a plan to offer beer vacations for those who enjoy a glass of beer while holidaying.

Ruth Berman and Michael Arra, co-owners of Bon Beer Voyage, said that they are offering the tour programme to allow beer connoisseurs to visit sites in Europe and to have the chance to taste exquisite beers from these regions. The couple started their business in 2010 with an initial contract from British Airways.

Berman said, ‘Michael and I have always enjoyed craft beers. We were on a bike and barge tour in Europe, where we brought beer to share with others. I realized there were many wine tours of Europe, but no beer tours. We came back to Florida and I said, ‘the time has come. I want to plan the type of tour I would be interested in going on. I want everything to be perfect and ‘brew-nique.’

In September, Berman and Arra are planning to leave for St. Augustine for a Weekend Beer Safari. They say that they are also planning to combine good beer experiences with good and authentic food experiences from around the world. The couple added that the tours they are now offering are personalised and limited in number.

In October, the duo is planning a barge cruise and vacation to Belgium and France. In Belgium, the itinerary will cover legendary breweries including Chimay and the In de Vrede cafe at Westvleteren. Saint Bernardus, a brewery renowned for its abbey-style beers and a brewery Van Eecke, which has been brewing beers since 1600, will also be visited by the tour.

In France, the tour programme will cover Brasserie Thiriez, Brasserie St. Germain and Brasserie Bailleux.