British Travellers Enjoy Travelling to Spain on Holidays

Spain remains the most favourite destination of British holiday travellers, says a recent study by Holiday Hypermarket, a UK based holiday comparison community.

Spain maintains attractive holiday bargains and remains a favourite amongst British travellers, as well as having short flight durations from the UK airports, and favourable currency exchange rates, which add to its attraction as a travel destination.

British travellers are the top spenders in Spain, and have registered an increase of 11.1% expenditure in the area for the first five months of 2012.

Calum Macdonald, the E-commerce manager at Holiday Hypermarket, said, ‘Spain is on our list of best destinations because it’s within easy reach of UK airports, served by almost all airlines and travel vendors, and it’s well equipped to accommodate high numbers of holidaymakers.

Relaxing on the Costa Blanca in summer sunshine is one of life’s simple pleasures, and as a result we’re encouraging people to take advantage of our summer deals.’

According to the Spanish Institute of Tourism Studies, Spain is one of the most frequently visited countries for British travellers, with a major increase in British travellers to the country between January and May in 2012.

The Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism in UK has reported that UK holiday makers are spending around €114 per day on average, indicating a rise of 4% from 2011.