Luxury Holidays Becoming Latest Travel Trend in UK

Luxury holidays are fast gaining popularity in Britain, even if the nation is still in an economic downturn.

The luxury and budget holiday markets have experienced the highest growth in the UK holiday market recently. Families are reportedly saving all year around to take luxury breaks in international destinations.

Thomas Cook Group, a UK-based travel company, has reported an increase in luxury holidays, including all-inclusive trips, adventure holidays and stays in exotic locales.

Holidays to Cuba and luxury Mexico breaks are gaining ground with British vacationers, who are keen to travel halfway across the world for the perfect holiday.

Earlier, Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA), a UK-based association of travel agents, estimated that around 13 million UK holidaymakers will be taking a long distance vacation in July and August, 2012, with 90% heading to countries around the Mediterranean Sea, such as Spain.

Victoria Bacon, the head of communication at ABTA, said, ‘The UK is a beautiful country with exceptional holiday appeal but the weather this year has been setting records for all the wrong reasons and it is no surprise that millions of us are looking to head off overseas for more reliable weather and high temperatures.

British holidaymakers will also get a pleasant surprise in their favourite Eurozone destinations with the pound 10% stronger than last year. It’s important that people book sooner rather than later as late offers are proving popular.’