Mozambique Added to Saga Portfolio

Saga Holidays has announced that it has launched its new travel itinerary for 2013, and has added a tour to the little known African country, Mozambique.

Saga Holidays says that it is showcasing Mozambique and its diverse natural riches to those travellers that seek fun, thrills and natural beauty all rolled into one.

Mozambique has beautiful beaches, wildlife and a diverse history. Neglected by travellers for many years, the nation, a former Portuguese colony, has begun to attract the attention of those tourists and adventure seekers that have already visited other better-known destinations in Africa.

One popular destination in Mozambique that Saga says is sure to thrill visitors is the historic city of Maputo. The city, which is located close to the Indian Ocean, has many of the elements of a typical Portuguese town, because of the long years that it spent under Portuguese colonialism. Mozambique also has the great Limpopo River, made famous by Rudyard Kipling’s ‘Just So Stories’.

Saga is offering its package, ‘Transfrontier Trail: Mozambique to Kruger’, which features a 12-night tour including a stay in Maputo and three nights in Bilene beside a saltwater lagoon, where visitors can book for an optional deep-sea fishing cruise. The remaining days will be spent exploring the natural beauty of the remote Greater Limpopo Transfrontier and Kruger National Parks. This part of the tour includes a sunset safari in Letaba, and the last five days of the tour are spent in safari tents in the national parks.

Saga Holidays, which is also offering travel to other African destinations, said that staff members that are knowledgeable tour managers are responsible for its tour itineraries. The firm also offers a door-to-door travel service from wherever passengers live in mainland UK, or complimentary parking at the airport.