Dental Tourism Offers Trips To Get Your Teeth Into

A firm in the US has created a site for dental tourism; not a trip to view notable dentures, but one that includes low-cost dental check ups.

Jaime Bellos and Richard Dziurda have created a website called that connects dental patients with dentists. The initiative is expected to help patients find less-costly dental treatment in countries other than the US.

It is believed that about a quarter-million Americans each year travel to have their teeth tended to in other countries. The company is now exploiting that trend with its own website that offers low-cost dental care in other nations.

The initiative was conceived when Dziurda discovered five years ago that he needed thousands of dollars to treat a problem with his teeth. Not to be discouraged he took the tourist route, had his teeth repaired and benefited from an enjoyable sightseeing experience into the bargain. He is now making use of that experience with his business idea, and is offering similar trips to those wishing to combine dental treatment with travel. His personal experience showed that patients could save a significant amount of money if they travel outside the US for dental treatment.

Through their site, Bellos and Dziurda allow customers to upload medical records and other information. In return, patients receive bids from dentists around the world. A similar site allows dentists to list their experience and specialities. Patients can access one bid free-of-charge and extra bids cost $25.

The founders of the site told Detroitnews that many Americans are finding it cost effective to have implants, crowns, root canals and dentures treated in countries that include Mexico, Costa Rica and Panama.