Oman to make efforts to increase tourist inflow

The state of Oman has said that it will make efforts to attract more tourists to the nation.

The state, which has been slow to attract tourists in the past, has now announced a plan to attract 12 million travellers, and has made a serious start to the effort. Though located in the dry Gulf region, the state has pristine beaches, man-made farms and rugged mountains that have ample potential to fire the imagination of travel fans. In addition, the nation boasts a rich heritage and is famous for its hospitality; factors that can only enhance its tourism aspirations. Oman is generally considered to have plenty of potential for leisure tourism and provides plenty of options for travellers seeking a change from the norm.

The efforts of the tourism department are already paying dividends, with local and international travellers flocking to the nation during the Eid holidays. Hotel owners are already upbeat about the prospects for the nation’s tourism, and are hopeful that visitors will be impressed by what Oman has to offer and be keen to return.

David Todd, general manager of the InterContinental Hotel, a 35-acre oasis in the heart of Muscat, said, ‘Oman has a great vision for the future of the tourism. The 2020 vision aims to attract 12 million visitors to the country based on using the new and extended airports and the huge development in the basic infrastructure across the country and development of the basic amenities and locations. This will certainly see fruition as is currently experienced. I think the facilities and amenities found in Muscat are attracting a steady stream of international visitors both for business and leisure. The direction where the country is heading for with regard to tourism is exemplary.’

Todd also said that foreign tourists are considering Oman as a twin-holiday destination, a place to visit twice in a year. Indian and Chinese visitors currently make up the bulk of the incoming tourist traffic.