British Travellers Give Best Accommodation Reviews

British travellers are among the most positive when visiting foreign countries, according to the results of a recent survey released by TripAdvisor, a company that offers an online travel community for collating user-generated travel information.

When giving reviews, contributors from Britain have scored 4.1 out of 5 on average, which is among the most positive on the Tripadvisor site, and much higher than most European nations. South Africa has topped the list of most positive reviews on TripAdvisor, with an average score of 4.22 out of 5 posted by reviewers there, and compared with a 3.8 average score posted by the least positive nation of reviewers, Malaysia.

TripAdvisor reports also indicated that while Canadian travellers provide the most detailed reviews of accommodation, with around 191 words on average per review, British travellers could only come second with their reviews averaging 177 words.

Emma Shaw, the spokesperson for TripAdvisor, said, ‘When TripAdvisor was founded, the idea of ‘the wisdom of the crowd’ was still relatively unheard of and there was a fear that people would only want to share their travel horror stories. In fact, our experience over the last twelve years has shown the opposite to be true – people do genuinely want to share their good experiences with the world first and foremost.’

A commissioned survey of more than 2,100 travellers conducted by TripAdvisor, in July 2011, had cited that the most important reason given by travellers for writing a positive review was their desire to share a good experience with others.