British holidaymakers want adult only flights

A new half term travel report has found it’s not just business class travellers who yearn for peace and quiet when flying, British holidaymakers also want adult only flights.

The report, which polled nearly 5,000 of its customers, found that a massive 83% of people would like to see adult only areas on flights. Almost a third of people (31%) would go as far as banning children on flights completely and a further 51% would want adult-only cabins.

Rowdy children aren’t the only issue with holidaymakers. Over 75% of those polled said that they suffered because there was not enough leg room, and feeling uncomfortable was the most dreaded aspect of a flight.

Smelly passengers were also seen as a bugbear, with 9% of those surveyed having had their flight spoilt by the foul smell of a neighbour.

Snoring passengers can just relax and have a good kip – only 1% found snoring irritating; though twice as many women than men considered snoring was an issue on a flight.

The service of the cabin crew was generally seen as excellent – with only 4% of those surveyed finding any problems with the standard of in-flight service received.

Anthony Clarke-Cowell, head of product innovation and merchandising at commented, “I’m surprised so many travellers have expressed such a strong desire for adult-only flights.

“Flights abroad always presents a challenge for families and this is reflected in the results. There is clearly a need for more facilities to keep children happily engaged in quieter pastimes both during and before a flight.”