British Travellers Find Large Airports Confusing

British air passengers find that long queues and expansive airports that are difficult to navigate around, take away the fun of flying, although many enjoy a spot of retail therapy at today’s new and modern airports.

A survey of 1,000 UK consumers has reported that two thirds of passengers, or around 62 percent, shop at the Duty Free retail outlets of airports, while around one in five travellers, or 21 percent of interviewees, have bought luxury goods or clothing at these outlets. Around 60 percent of those surveyed have bought essentials, such as books, newspapers or magazines, or food and drink for the flight, from airport retail outlets.

The research, conducted by a partnership between NCR Corporation and Opinion Research Corporation, has also revealed that around 2 percent of those surveyed have admitted that they have missed flights due to shopping or dining.

Ben Gale, NCR’s vice president for Western Europe, said, ‘Converting waiting time into productive time in the airport can benefit retailers and passengers alike by boosting spending, satisfaction and loyalty levels. The use of new mobile way finding solutions can play a key role in enabling passengers to find the stores and services they want in the airport and still make it to the gate on time.’

Mobile alerts, telling passengers that it is time for them to make their way to the terminal would be welcomed by around 62 percent of British families surveyed, and they would also welcome an interactive map to guide them inside complicated airports.

A number of travellers have also stated a preference for using ‘click-and-collect’ services at airports in the UK, including Heathrow, Gatwick and Manchester airports.