UK Business Travellers Unhappy with Travel Problems

Business travel problems may affect employee productivity, according to a recent report published by Concur, a company that provides on-demand Employee Spend Management services.

The report suggests that for employees who travel extensively on business, problems related to that travel often leave them with a negative outlook regarding their job, which results in a negative impact on productivity. The inability to quickly and easily book accommodation and flights due to change of travel plans, especially during busy periods, is a major point of contention for business travellers.

Around one in five business travellers reported that the filing of receipts and expense reports on their return is one of the most niggling aspects of travel, 26 percent of UK business travellers have cited travel as having a negative effect on their job satisfaction, and around 6 percent of business travellers interviewed have even considered resigning over their travel woes.

Isabel Montesdeoca, the senior vice president and general manager, EMEA, at Concur said, ‘We see these issues all the time. In today’s always on, always connected environment, companies can do more to improve the productivity and job satisfaction of their staff by equipping them with technology and tools that make them more effective while travelling.

It’s important that business leaders take ownership of the travel experience for their staff in order to improve overall employee satisfaction levels and reduce churn.’

According to the study, around one in five, or 23 percent of the interviewees, have reported that their business travel experiences have prompted them to turn down a new job offer that requires extensive travel.