New Domain Acquired by

A UK based online cruise travel agent, has acquired the domain name

The new domain has been acquired for a payment of around $80,000, and the company can use the new name from 2013.

Seamus Conlon, the managing director of, said, ‘People may have thought that we were crazy in spending so much money on the purchase of but it has certainly paid for itself as it is now the largest cruise community in the UK.

As the Internet develops further, it’s becoming more and more important to have the right URLs and that’s why we have invested in We also wanted a non-country specific URL for our future development plans. We need to make sure that we have control of this URL to ensure consistency across our brand and maintain our number one rating on Google across the various sites.’

The company owns a portfolio of other cruise-related domain names, including, and, and the The company also acquired, two years ago, for £560,000, which is the highest purchase price for a domain name in UK.

The company has been awarded several commendations in the last few years, which are claimed to be for its outstanding service, the most important of the awards being ‘World’s Leading Cruise Travel Agent’, which it achieved in 2009, 2010 and 2011. The company website claims to be one of the principal cruise communities in the UK, offering around 119,265 cruise opinions, and 180,190 cruise questions and answers.