Travelling Solo Is The New Trend for UK Holidaymakers

The number of people choosing to travel alone is increasing as an entirely new generation of single travellers is happily taking to the road.

New research carried out by Solo Holidays, a UK-based travel specialist for single travellers, has reported that around 60 percent of travellers, who are single and in the age group of 35 to 50 years, stated that vacations are extremely important to them.

Around 40 percent of these travellers feel that there is no stigma attached to being single these days, as the social perception of being single is no longer negative.

Stressing their need to travel, 70 percent of the respondents in the age group have reported an intention to travel for the same number of days for the next three years, despite the continuing downturn in the UK economy, while 23 percent reported that they may take longer vacations in future.

Andrew Williams, the managing director for Solos Holidays, said, ‘The singles market is the fastest growing sector in travel today, and we have been leading the way in this market place for over 30 years. Today we are seeing a rapidly growing 35-50 year old single traveller market, which no longer sees a stigma in travelling solo, and we continue to adapt our offer to cater to their needs and to ensure we remain top of our field.’

At least one in five respondents over the age of 50 years stated that they still have a ‘keen sense of adventure’ and often choose a solo holiday for added relaxation.