Taiwan and South Korea to collaborate on medical tourism

The states of Taiwan and South Korea are to collaborate on building medical tourism facilities in the nation.

The two nations have agreed to enhance cooperation and collaboration to improve medical tourism, after they identified their comparative strengths within the growing market and set about creating a cooperative to mutually maximise those strengths. Recently, a Taiwanese group visited South Korea to learn how to expand medical tourism, and in the interests of helping each other in the common initiative, health and travel professionals in both nations have agreed to expand such exchanges.

The Taiwanese delegation visited local hospitals and learned how medical tourism brought together tour agencies and health professionals in Seoul. They also used the common forum to discuss how the two nations could help medical institutions in Taiwan create strategies to attract medical tourists.

South Korea has recently taken large strides on the international medical services scene. The sector has been ably supported by the government, which has taken an active interest in promoting tourism in the nation. As a strategy to develop the nation’s medical tourism, it had, initially offered to treat patients from developing countries with serious or rare conditions.

The government also provided support by investing heavily in advertisements and creating the Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) to help promote the country’s medical tourism. According to KTO estimates, South Korea recorded over 120,000 medical tourist arrivals in 2011. In addition, many more tourists had availed themselves of minor medical facilities.

Taiwan has also been making recent attempts to enhance its medical tourist potential.