New golf course opening in the Maldives

Any island resort of note usually has at least one golf course to its name, but some are better than others, valuing what an 18-hole course can do for its fortunes and prestige. Many small island nations who are worried about sinking below sea level as a consequence of global warming are thinking of innovative solutions to their problem. The Maldives is one such country, and to try and ensure that it remains a popular tourist destination for golf breaks with, it has come up with a radical idea.

In conjunction with a major architectural firm, the Maldivian government are to start work on a multi-million pound floating golf course as part of a series of floating islands. As many of its islands are just five feet above sea level, the powers that be in the Maldives are trying to find ways of maintaining its status as a top destination for tourists who love to play golf with spectacular views of the Indian Ocean, soak up the sun or sample a different culture to their own.

Golf is just one of many things tourists can see and do when visiting this group of islands. The Maldives have so much to offer visitors, whether they want thrills at every turn or are in need of a relaxing week or fortnight away from the daily grind at home. First gaining independence from the British Empire in 1965, it quickly became a tourist hotspot, despite being the lowest-lying country in the world. Aside from its largely sunny climate, the nearby marine life and innovative cuisine in capital city Malé all make it a place worth visiting.

Visitors can visit many of the islands’ main attractions including its many mosques and Islamic centres, as well as restaurants such as the Ithaa Undersea Restaurant on Rangali Island. Being composed of many small islands, the Maldivian beaches are a great place to spend some quiet time alone. Although there are fears that all of that could go if environmental experts are correct, it remains to be seen whether the new floating islands will match the original Maldives in terms of beauty, tranquillity and enjoyment.