Brits Exchange Seaside Resorts For Exotic Destinations

From a nation of holidaymakers seeking relaxation on sunny shores, British travellers have discovered new and exotic destinations for holidaying, a trend that is reported to be gathering pace by the day.

A survey by, a UK-based holiday rental website, says that around 14 percent of respondents have claimed to take long distance holidays every year, while 14 percent of travellers in the age group of 18 to 34 years prefer activity oriented or adventure theme holidays abroad.

In comparison, around 60 percent of the respondents said that they were taken on seaside vacations in the UK when they were children, or to holiday parks, as reported by 22 percent of the respondents.

While in years gone by, one holiday a year was what most respondents aspired to, around 40 percent of them now claim to take around two to three vacations a year, while 10 percent of respondents even claimed to go on vacation around four to five times a year.

While in the past camp sites and bed and breakfast accommodation was the preference for many, around 51 percent of the survey respondents have now expressed a preference for hotel rooms while on vacation, while 20 percent preferred self-catering holiday homes as their places of choice for enjoyable holidays.

Andy Cockburn, the UK regional manager for HomeAway UK, said, ‘For people looking for more luxury for their money nowadays, rentals still represent great value over hotels, providing more space, privacy and amenities for up to half the price. And with over 735,000 holiday rental listings worldwide, HomeAway now rivals some of the largest hotel chains in the world in terms of the choice of accommodation it offers to holidaymakers around the globe.’