Transport for London Expects Public Transport Network to be Busier for London 2012 Paralympic Games

Transport for London (TfL), a UK-based government agency responsible for the transport system in Greater London, UK, is warning of traffic congestion on roads around London, with schools close to the Olympic park, where the 2012 Paralympic Games are currently being held, reopening after the summer holiday break.

As most local schools will be returning during this week to commence the autumn term, mornings and afternoons will become peak traffic periods on the routes to the Olympic Park. The agency is asking passengers using the DLR, Jubilee, Central lines and Javelin services to plan their routes well ahead to avoid getting stuck in traffic.

Commuters are also being asked to avoid driving in and around the Paralympic Route Network and the Games venues.

The transport commissioner of London, Peter Hendy CBE, said, ‘With an increasing number of schools starting the new term, the majority of venues in use at the Olympic Park, and sporting action taking place at several other venues in the east of the city, we’re asking Londoners to take the same sensible steps as during the Olympics – avoiding the busiest times and places, and avoiding driving around venues and the PRN.

Londoners and commuters deserve a gold medal for the way they have adapted their travel throughout both Games so far.

Tomorrow will be another fantastic day for the Paralympics and for London- everything you need to plan your journey and enjoy the numerous events and attractions London has to offer can be found at’