Hotel Rates Increase at Popular Overseas Destinations

UK travellers are facing a price rise at some of the most popular international destinations, according to a recent study conducted by, an online travel company.

While Monte Carlo, in Monaco, remains the most expensive place to stay in terms of accommodation, Phnom Penh in Cambodia is stated to be the cheapest

In the first half of 2012, the Hotel Price Index (HPI) shows a 19 percent increase to a rate of £197 a night for average room prices in Monte Carlo, compared to the same time in 2011. Rio de Janeiro comes second, at £182 per night, followed by Muscat at £179 per night, and New York at £171 per room, per night.

At the other end of the spectrum, UK travellers are likely to find the best budget hotels in Asia and Eastern Europe, with Phnom Penh offering the best value aty £35 per room. Pattaya, in Thailand, and Hanoi, in Vietnam are also offering average room rates of less than £50 a night.

According to the top ten most popular destinations for UK travellers, along with changes in price levels, are:

Paris (4%)

New York (7%)

Rome (-10%)

Barcelona (2%)

Berlin (1%)

Amsterdam (-4%)

Las Vegas (15%)

Copenhagen (-2%)

Stockholm (7%)

Dublin (-1%)

Alison Couper, the director of communications at, said, ‘Whilst the news that UK travellers faced a rise in hotel prices at two-thirds of overseas destinations in the first six months of 2012 may appear daunting for those planning a trip abroad, the Hotel Price Index makes it easy for those planning trips to look for destinations where they can pick up a bargain and get a maximum return on their travel budget.’