Paramount calls on customers to book their private jets early

Based on a report stating that the availability of private jets would be scarce in the coming holidays, Paramount Business Jets is encouraging customers to book their jets early to avoid a last-minute rush during the holidays.

The report said that more people who can afford it would opt for private jets for their travel during the holidays. The rush for private jets is to peak during the months of November and December, and up to the second week of January. It is expected that during this time about 90 percent of all private jet fliers in the US would be flying at least once, and this will put a strain on availability during the peak season.

The report also suggested that each year, operators owning fractional ownership fleets create the greatest strain on the charter industry. Such fractionally owned jets typically have between four and eight shares of ownership on the same aircraft, and when the demand increases operators are hard pushed to service the high demand. Another issue is jet card members who expect to book the same aircraft during these dates.

Eric Ammon, senior VP of Sales and Services at Paramount Business Jets, said, ‘Our experience has been that by the end of September, 80 percent of all availability has already disappeared.’ Holiday fliers who are planning to take the family on vacation need to book early to prevent last minute disappointments, he said.

He also indicated that early booking provides clients with better aircraft equipment and competitive pricing due to aircraft availability and market competition.

Ammon said, ‘Waiting till just weeks before a high flying time like during the upcoming holiday season to book an aircraft will mean having to pay for an aircraft to fly in from another airport just to start any given trip. Chartering a private jet in NY one can expect zero availability at local airports.’

Paramount Business Jets claims to provide access to 15,000 of the world’s newest jets, VIP airliners and helicopters.