Over 50’s Brits to hit the road on September 8

This year, September 8, is regarded as the most popular day of the year for UK travellers over 50 years of age to set off on vacation.

Saga Travel Insurance, a UK-based insurance company catering to the insurance requirements of the population in the age group of 50 years and above, has recently released research results that say that elderly travellers prefer to take a vacation when the children are back to school, with the most popular travel date being the first weekend after the schools reopen.

While Spain has traditionally been the most popular destination with travellers over 50, this year, their favourite destination is Italy, followed by Spain and Greece.

Roger Ramsden, the chief executive officer of Saga Services, said, ‘With the weather we’ve seen this summer it’s no wonder the over 50s want to get away to find some sun and sand as the school holidays end. It’s great to see so many people searching for adventure and making the most out of their time away.

Of course it’s also important that even when on a tight budget people don’t cut corners on travel insurance. Not only do people take expensive gadgets away with them but a simple slip or trip overseas can prove expensive and would take the shine off even the sunniest holidays.’

According to the research, travellers over 50 have a healthy love of technology, with around 23 percent of them booking their own vacation on the Internet, without involving travel agents, while 28 percent of them will also be carrying their laptops with them, 24 percent will carry smartphones, and 14 percent will carry kindle reading devices.