Maysan, Iraq to receive facelift

Maysan, a region in Iraq, is receiving a face-lift to enhance its reputation as a tourist destination.

With the plan to transform the region into a tourism hot spot having gained approval, officials in Maysan province are making major efforts to develop services in the region. Building infrastructure including parks, resorts and hotels is being pursued as a top priority.

Speaking to reporters, Ali Dawai Lazim, governor of Maysan, said, ‘The province is witnessing a qualitative leap in the field of tourism due to its many attributes, which could transform it into a tourism outlet for Iraqis coming from all provinces, not just Maysan. Our plans for this year include building a number of tourist facilities, in addition to improving the roads and bridges network, the electricity grid and the municipality sector, to reinforce the functions of these tourist attractions. These projects will help boost the local economy in the province, especially since they will effectively wipe out unemployment by providing a large number of job opportunities in all fields.’

Authorities are improving facilities in the province while trying to maintain the character of the region. One example of this is a plan to maintain the Amara traditional market, while at the same time funds have been allocated to build a five-star hotel in the area. The location is also to gain a ‘Paradise of Eden’ resort, which will have many entertainment and recreational activities for national as well as foreign tourists.

Maysan is considered to be an archaeologically important tourist spot, with more than 430 archaeological sites. Combined with a tourist-friendly climate and areas of ecologically important marshes, the area is claimed to be ideal for tourists with diverse interests.