Conservative MPs Could Support APD Tax Reduction in UK

The Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA), a UK-based travel agents association, has reported that 60 percent of Conservative MPs surveyed are against the controversial Air Passenger Duty (APD) tax.

The association has released the results of a survey that it conducted, which suggests that around 61 percent of Conservative MPs feel that APD should be reduced as the tax is damaging for the economy.

The ComRes survey, of around 150 MPs, shows that 49 percent of them feel that existing rates of APD are damaging to UK businesses; while 40 percent of MPs feel APD is causing damage to UK’s economy as a centre for global air travel.

The travel association is also part of the Fair Tax on Flying campaign, which has sent around 250,000 emails to MPs from UK residents and foreign travellers, asking the government to review the APD tax.

Mark Tanzer, the Association’s chief executive officer, said, ‘At a time when we are facing one of the toughest ever downturns in history, the Government must take every measure to get the country back on track to growth. The very fact that half of MPs believe current rates of APD are damaging the economy is a clear indication we need a review into the impacts of this tax before it does any further damage.

Other governments, such as the Dutch, abolished the tax after a review found that the revenue raised was outweighed by the revenue lost. This summer has also shown there is overwhelming public support for a review so now the Government is back from recess we call on them to listen and act.’