Croatia celebrating record year for tourism

Croatia, part of the former Yugoslavia, is set to achieve record tourism figures this year.

The announcement was made by the Croatian tourism minister, Veljko Ostojic, who said in a statement that the country had registered record figures for the first eight months of 2012, and is on target for its most successful tourism year ever. He commented, ‘Based on the results achieved so far and announcements (for the rest of the year) this is the best tourist season in Croatia’s history.’

According to official figures, 9.82 million visitors have entered the country during the first eight months of the year, 4.22 percent more than the figure registered for the same period last year. The country’s islands and its Adriatic coast are the final destination for most tourists, of whom German visitors are the largest contingent, accounting for 20 percent of the total visitor number.

With Croatia’s economy faring badly in the current European economic downturn, the healthy tourism figures have been particularly welcomed, and Mr Ostojic said that the country was hoping for a three to five percent increase in tourism this year, and to achieve or surpass seven billion euros in tourism income.

One of the most popular destinations in the country is the Dubrovnik region, particularly the historic coastal city of Dubrovnik. Famed for its 2 kilometres of defensive walls that are four to six metres thick in parts, the picturesque, red-roofed city has buildings and cobble-stoned avenues that date back to the middle ages.