Survey Suggests In-Flight Food More Expensive than Supermarket

Low cost airlines may offer fares for the budget conscious, but pricing of food is hardly aimed at the cost conscious traveller, says TravelSupermarket, a UK-based online travel company.

Recent research done by the company says that packed food, such as Pringles, cost around 495% more than the supermarket, while the average mark-up on food and drink for airline passengers is around 347% more than supermarket rates. Travellers often land up paying around 1,471% more for a 500ml bottle of water ordered in-flight.

Bob Atkinson, the company travel expert, said, ‘Holidaymakers flying with airlines that don’t offer a complimentary meal can easily fork out a small fortune on snacks which are considerably more expensive on board than what you’d pay in a supermarket, or even in an airport shop. Airlines realize hungry and thirsty passengers are a captive audience with no option but to buy from the trolley if they have failed to plan ahead.

Rather than leaving things until last minute, a much better option is to think ahead and either bring along your own food from home or buy sandwiches and snacks at a supermarket for your flight.

Alternatively, pick up a meal deal in airport branches of Boots, or WH Smith, before you board and save yourself around 50% on similar items bought on board. Many airports also offer voucher booklets offering a range of discounts on airport shops and restaurants, so look out for these before travelling if you wish to buy at the airport.

There is of course no getting around the airline liquids ban. However families can still save a significant amount by purchasing non-alcoholic drinks in the departure area before the flight – you’ll also find the choice is greater.’