Travel Channel to launch new travel series

Travel Channel is to launch a new series that would be initially hosted by NBC News correspondent, Peter Alexander.

The series would focus on highlighting how stars, celebrities and power politicians travel around the world. Called ‘Travel Like…,’ the umbrella series would present to viewers all the processes involved when stars and celebrities travel. The series is to be launched with its first episode being ‘Travel Like a President’, and would showcase how the US president travels with his retinue. The first one-hour programme would take viewers to Air Force One and beyond and highlight all the backstage activities that are perfected before the US president goes on a trip.

Andy Singer, general manager, Travel Channel, said, ‘We are excited about the ‘Travel Like…’ umbrella series as we will have the opportunity to explore and share many unique travel experiences from a fresh and unexpected perspective. Our first special, ‘Travel Like a President,’ is designed to give viewers an all-access, unprecedented look at the enormous level of detail and thought that comes with the territory when you are the leader of the free world. It’s meant to be informative yet entertaining…and perhaps inspire our viewers to embark on their very own presidential trip.’

The first episode of the series will see former US administration insiders talk about the elaborate arrangements that are made for the president’s travel, including all the special precautions and countless details that must be adhered to for the travel to be completed.

Future specials in the series include ‘Travel Like an Icon’ and ‘Travel Like a Movie Star.’ Those two series would cover travel itineraries of international personalities, celebrities, rock musicians, moguls and top actors.

The series is to go on air in the US from October 2.