Connecticut to unveil second part of tourism campaign

Connecticut is to unveil the second part of its tourism campaign to coincide with the autumn foliage season.

The state would launch the second phase of a two-year campaign that is worth nearly $27m. The second phase of the tourism promotion would focus on the state’s economic development efforts. Governor Dannel P Malloy’s office said that the state would – through the campaign – highlight the economic revival of the state, and also showcase how companies in the state have been ‘inventing the future today through innovation.’ Companies such as ESPN, Alexion Pharmaceuticals and Pratt & Whitney would be featured in the tourism promotion campaign.

The state has been, through its ‘Still Revolutionary’ campaign that was launched in May, intending to highlight the state’s potential as a business and tourist destination. Officials are of the view that the ‘Still Revolutionary’ brand should be used further to promote the state on both the economic and tourism fronts.

Christopher Bergstrom, executive director of the Commission on Culture and Tourism, said, ‘The environment out there is noisy. Unless you have one message and really reinforce it and really do it across all dimensions of state marketing and over a long period of time, you never break through the noise.’

The campaign is believed to be taking effect as the state’s tourism website has reported a 100 per cent jump in traffic, mainly because of the projection of New York on TV. The department would, in its latest round of commercials, feature autumn attractions.