Vietnam busy developing holidays for Aussies

The tourism department in Vietnam is busy developing holidays for Australians.

The tourism department said that it is developing programmes and packages to attract more tourists into the nation. However, there would be a special emphasis on attracting Australian tourists because Vietnam has been a favourite destination for travellers from Australia. The nation now has high class hotels and resorts, beaches and ethnic cuisine, which has been a hit with tourists worldwide.

Tourism statistics show that the nation receives 300,000 Australian tourists yearly. Further, it is also seen that the number of tourists is increasing at an average of 10 per cent annually. Members of the tourism department in Vietnam said that Australians are, of late, becoming increasingly interested in Vietnamese food and culture, noting that Australians are looking for authentic experiences in Vietnam and a deeper understanding of the country’s culture, food, history and everyday life.

Vietnam is not a mass-market tourist destination, with most travellers interested in the local culture. The tourism department said that the nation is becoming more and more recognized as a safe and favoured destination for high-end Australian tourists.

Vietnam has launched a new campaign to attract tourists from all over the world under the slogan of ‘Timeless charm.’