Thomas Cook Reports That Holiday Destinations Can Add Weight to Your Frame

The UK-based travel company, Thomas Cook, is reporting that British travellers are more likely to gain weight on a holiday to Greece than in US.

This is one finding as part of a research report the travel giant has conducted on places where British travellers are likely to gain weight on vacation.

Meanwhile, while holidays to Turkey are inexpensive, the average holidaymaker tends to puts on around three pounds in a 10-day vacation to the country.

However, as a British traveller, you would be likely to gain most weight on a vacation to Greece, with a typical 10 day holiday adding around 3.3 pounds to your frame. Visiting the US fares little better, as vacationing in the country comes fourth in the study of fattening places, only next to Portugal, which comes third. The US is notorious as a country serving huge portions in a restaurant, but is beaten in the list for the top position by Greece. Perhaps a surprise entry is France, at seventh position, with a reason given being better quality food served in the country encourages people to eat more.

The research has also shown that travellers typically gain weight in sunny and seaside vacation destinations, as they enjoy good food and lazy days. Also another reason to gain weight is buffets served at most hotels for meals, where guests can eat as much as they want for a fixed price.

Between British men and woman, it’s the men who tend to put on more weight on the holidays, said the study, suggesting that women may have a more active lifestyle on holidays. On average, a woman may only gain 1.5 pounds on a vacation, compared to the average for men, who gain around 5.5 pounds during the same period of 10 days.

For weight loss during vacations, the company study is suggesting that British travellers may consider visiting Ireland, Canada or Germany.