Visit the Great Bath Feast in Bath this October

Those tourists holidaying in Bath, UK, this month will have the opportunity of joining in the Great Bath Feast, where local chefs gather to show off their creative talent.

The Great Bath Feast is held every year to celebrate culinary delights and local produce, and this year will feature talented chefs including Mark Hix, Angela Hartnett and Raymond Blanc.

The events will include street food, specialist producers, a celebrity book release and signings, guest appearances by celebrities at local delis, and wine tasting at various venues. The city’s restaurants are gearing up to offer seasonal and local ingredients, with their new dish, ‘Bath on a Plate.’ the Great Bath Breakfast will also be on offer at many of the city’s restaurants and eateries, made from ingredients sourced locally.

The organisers have also arranged for a Bath Taste Trail, a food walk that takes the visitors through the city streets in search of attractive food shops, including the Bath Sausage shop and others.

Nick Brooks-Sykes, the chief executive of Bath Tourism Plus, said, ‘This is a city that has made hospitality its business for more than 200 years. By signing up to offer The Great Bath Breakfast, Bath’s cafes, guest houses and hotels are showing their pride in sourcing their breakfast ingredients locally, supporting local producers and ensuring that their guests get the best start to their day when exploring the World Heritage City of Bath.’

The Great Bath Feast is a partnership between local businesses, and is being held in collaboration with the Bath Business Improvement District and Bath Tourism Plus.

Andrew Cooper, the Bath Business Improvement district manager, said, ‘The partnership approach, working with Bath businesses means that we can create an event and a campaign that will raise the profile of the city in the autumn. The Great Bath Feast has something for everyone whether they call Bath home or are visiting the city.’