Wrap yourself up for the Swedish weather

While Sweden is undoubtedly a very beautiful country that can boast many beautiful cities, it can also get very cold. Wrapping yourself up in some warm clothes is thus a necessity no one gets around.

Travelers to Sweden need this knowledge so as not to get distracted from the beautiful sights and locations by shivering and trying to constantly warm themselves up again. It would be very unfortunate to visit Stockholm, which is spread out across 14 islands, and Gothenburg, which is Sweden’s biggest port, and not to see anything of the stunning architecture. Not only the cities, but also the various World Heritage sites situated in Sweden, like the just recently added Decorated Farmhouses of Halsingland, would certainly lose their charm under such circumstances. To get around the slight chill why not wrap up in some knitwear so the sights keep their special attraction.

Fight against the chill

Wrapping yourself up is not the only thing one can do to make one’s trip to Sweden especially enjoyable. After touring the cities and seeing the amazing World Heritage sites it is a particular delight to get out of the cold air into one of the many excellent Swedish spas.

The Swedish spa traditions are grounded in a long history that has led them to develop into what they are today. Some spa resorts have been around for as long as 300 years. A special treat is the Loka Brunn, which is said to have healing powers and has become famous since a King proclaimed his blazing headache to be gone after taking a bath in the natural spring water.

Travelling to Sweden can be a beautiful experience especially during the winter months, when the snow turns the whole country into a winter wonderland. Just never forget to wrap yourself up tightly.