Survey Suggests UK Business Travellers Do Not Mix Business with Pleasure

UK travellers rarely take their families along with them on business trips, unlike their counterparts in other parts of the world, according to a recent study.

The study, which was conducted with business travellers by the Wyndham Hotel Group, a hotel brand with around 7,170 hotel properties, suggested that only 33 percent of UK travellers take their families on a business trip, compared to around 52 percent of US business travellers, and 67 percent of Chinese business travellers.

Nor do UK business travellers believe in extending their business travel to include a pleasure trip, with 68 percent claiming to be against such an extension. In comparison, 59 percent of Chinese business travellers, and 48 percent of US business travellers are keen to extend their business trips to include a vacation.

Not surprisingly, UK business travellers were the least enthusiastic about business trips, with 38 percent seeing them as an intrusion on their personal or family time.

The study has also shown that amongst all business travellers, around 46 percent have extended a trip to add a leisure vacation, and around 25 percent always try to include some personal time while on a business travel.

Around 33 percent of business travellers explore the hotel and use its amenities while travelling, and 70 percent prefer to spend their free time in the hotel bar and restaurant. Around 60 percent like to visit the fitness centre, while 50 percent prefer to relax in the hotel spa during their business trips.

IFOP Asia, conducted the survey for the hotel brand in April 2012, interviewing around 5,617 respondents from Brazil, Canada, China, UK and the United States.