New luggage courier services: does this signal the end of expensive bag checking?

If you’ve ever queued to check in your luggage at one end of your flight and waited, nervously, for it to reappear on the baggage carousel at the other, you’ll appreciate what a stressful experience it can be. Furthermore, if you exceed the baggage allowance of the airline in question, you’re faced with the choice of paying excess-baggage charges on the spot or leaving some of your luggage behind.

In an effort to make life easier for business travellers, many companies now offer door-to-door luggage courier services, whereby they collect your luggage from anywhere in the world and deliver it to your destination before you arrive. Luggage courier services obviously cater for traditional baggage items, such as suitcases and trunks, but, if you’re intending to mix business with pleasure, you can also have your golf clubs, skis or other sporting equipment collected and delivered.

Using a luggage courier service means that you can turn up at the airport with just hand luggage, or no luggage at all, much closer to your departure time. What you’re doing, in effect, is creating a walk-on, walk-off service for yourself, with no unnecessary hanging around at either end. You’ll arrive at your destination in a relaxed frame of mind, safe in the knowledge that your luggage is waiting for you at your home, office or hotel.

Luggage courier service companies emphasise security, often wrapping your luggage in secure baggage wrap to prevent tampering en route and monitoring storage areas with CCTV. Indeed, many companies use state-of-the-art technology to track your luggage to its destination and inform you of its progress. Daniel Morris of Case Luggage said, “This type of service will be invaluable for anyone who wants a stress-free travel experience, such as families with children or business travellers who want to save time”.