British Travellers Return to Package Holidays

British travellers have started to favour package holidays once more, according to the results of recent research reported by the Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA), a UK-based association for travel agencies.

During this year, around 48 percent of travellers have opted for overseas holiday packages, compared to 42 percent in 2011, and 37 percent in 2010. Holiday packages were massively popular in the 1970s, but then slowly made way for do-it-yourself holidays, where travellers preferred to book each component of their holiday separately.

The report also highlighted that the credit crunch is taking its toll on holiday habits, as in the 12 months to September 2012, Brits had taken around 3.5 holidays, a reduction on the 3.82 holidays taken in the same period in 2011.

Travellers have also booked more domestic holiday packages in 2012, with domestic holiday packages showing a rise of 23 percent, compared to a 12 percent rise in 2011, and 14 percent in the same period in 2010.

Victoria Bacon, the head of communications for ABTA, said, ‘Research shows safe and secure accommodation, financial protection, ATOL protection and ABTA membership are at the top of people’s booking essentials and packages can offer all of these.

At the same time the market has also evolved to offer greater choice to holidaymakers. It’s no longer just a week in Benidorm.

The market is now very sophisticated, with packages to cater for every taste and budget – whether you want two weeks all-inclusive in the sun, a cruise around Asia or an adventure holiday in South America.’

Mark Tanzer, the chief executive of ABTA, said ‘It appears that consumers are thinking more carefully about when they book their holidays. Many are booking earlier to take advantage of better deals and cheaper prices and often greater choice and availability.’