Hotels in Finland to feature Angry Birds theme

Three hotels in Finland are to offer attractions that feature the Angry Birds theme.

Angry Birds is a video game that has captured the attention of smart phone users all over the world. With children and adults alike being addicted to the game, three hotels in Finland have taken it to the next level by bringing its themes to the real world, and allowing guests to play the game without using their smart phones. They are opening Angry Birds themed activity parks that are not like typical theme parks.

Instead of a smart phone app, players use their hands and feet to move to the game’s next level.

Iiro Rossi of Holiday Club Resorts, said, ‘There will be different kinds of activities for children as well as for grown-ups. There will be climbing, sliding, crawling, jumping, scoring, driving, playing, you name it. One thing missing are traditional rides usually seen in amusement parks.’

The idea behind the plan is to offer unique experiences that will attract more visitors to the country. By offering the game as a core attraction in the hotels, Finland tourism officials are planning to tap into a market for game-loving travellers. The concept for the interactive parks is to be presented during the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions Expo 2012, from November 12 to 16, in Orlando, US.

Holiday Club CEO, Vesa Tengman, said, ‘We need more travellers besides from the neighbouring areas Russia, Sweden and Norway. Currently we are able, by using only Finnish power, to produce experiences which attract not only local but also international travellers.’

The hotels that will be implementing the theme are the Kuusamon Tropiikki, Saariselka and Lappeenranta. Other hotels that will offer the theme in addition to normal amusement park activities are also being planned in Finland.