‘Incrediburgh’ slated as Edinburgh slogan

A slogan thought up to promote tourism to the Scottish city, Edinburgh, has been criticised by several bodies and individuals.

Incrediburgh, a play on words that combines the word incredible with the city’s name, was thought up by Marketing Edinburgh, an organisation that was created last year to promote the city’s tourism potential, and which is funded by the taxpayer.

This was not the only example of name manipulation that the organisation penned, with other suggestions being Paintthetownredinburgh, to promote the city as a party venue, Wellfedinburgh, to promote its wide range of eating options, Romanceisnotdeadinburgh, to promote it as a venue for couples to take a break, and Grabyoursledinburgh, to be used as a winter promotion. However, following criticism that the formulated words were ‘absolutely appalling’ and ‘twee’, the promotion has been scaled back.

One of the dissenters was Jenny Dawe, a former Liberal Democrat leader of the city council. She is quoted in the Daily Mail as saying, ‘I think these ideas are absolutely appalling. You don’t need silly slogans to market Edinburgh. They don’t sound worth using at all, and they make me shudder.’ Meanwhile, Cameron Rose, a Conservative councillor said that some of the slogans were ‘a bit twee,’ and just didn’t cut it.

In a response, Marketing Edinburgh’s Lucy Bird said, ‘Over the past few months, we have collaborated with many of our city partners to develop a dynamic and lively new campaign. As you would expect, there is a huge amount of planning and discussion around a project like this, and we are welcoming feedback.’