Corporate Travellers Become More Compliant with Travel Policies

AirPlus International Inc, a US-based company that provides a suite of business travel payment solutions, has reported that corporate travellers are becoming more and more compliant with companies’ travel policies.

The company has surveyed around 300 travel buyers and found that 15 percent expect compliance rates to be less than current levels in the next two years, and 48 percent of corporate buyers are expecting improved compliance from their travellers.

A recent report by the company said, ‘In spite of much discussion about pressure from travellers to book trips independently, buyers say employees are becoming more compliant, not less.

No fewer than 53 percent have experienced greater compliance over the past two years, while only 8 percent have seen compliance diminish.’

Around 60 percent of the people surveyed said that they anticipate no alteration in rules pertaining to their policies, while 32 percent expect tighter rules, and only 8 percent expect less travel rules by 2014.

Ludovic Ciannarella, the director of global account management at Airplus, said, ‘The revolution is cancelled. 92 percent of buyers think rules will stay unchanged or tighten.

Also, 86 percent of buyers think that mobile technology will eventually help them to boost compliance but it won’t happen yet.’

In an earlier survey carried out by the company, around 45 percent of those surveyed expect an increase in total hotel nights for corporate travel in 2013, while 44 percent of the respondents expect their travel volumes to remain the same. Around 11 percent of the respondents expect a reduction in room nights, and another 11 percent expect a lowering of their hotel budgets for 2013, in comparison to 2012.