UK Train Travellers Spend Excessive Time Searching for Tickets

While travellers are increasingly using mobile apps for almost all phases of their travel, rail travellers are claimed to be travelling in constant fear of losing their tickets.

Dubbing British rail users, ‘a nation of pocket patting train travellers’, a new survey conducted by CrossCountry Trains, a UK based search engine for cheap train tickets, has reported that large numbers of rail travellers are still wasting man hours while patting their pockets to ensure that they are carrying their tickets during the journey.

A poll of 2,000 rail users has reported that around 24 hours are wasted every year by a frequent travellers on local trains, while they pat their pockets and peek in purses, at an average of three times before each train journey.

The research has highlighted that passengers travelling by train need to accept technology and make it part of their lives in order to suffer less stress while travelling.

The company, which has recently launched its complimentary Train Tickets app, offer an electronic rail ticket for commuters, as well as including real time departure and journey information.

Andy Cooper, the managing director at CrossCountry, said, ‘The ‘Train Tickets’ app will help to transform the process of travelling by train. Access to live departure boards, and an intuitive user interface making it quicker and easier to buy cheaper Advance fares, gives the consumer full control over their journey.

The innovative approach to m-tickets taken by CrossCountry has made it possible to deliver a simple and secure mobile ticketing solution for customers that will help transform the experience of buying rail tickets.’