Old British fort in Canada offering spooky breaks

An old British fort in Canada, officially known as Halifax Citadel National Historic Site, is offering an opportunity for visitors to experience a haunted fort in the dark.

Tourists have the opportunity of interacting with spirits at the fort when the main gate of the Citadel is opened by a lone guard, who dramatically and stern-faced, welcomes guests into the fort at dusk. The fort is separated from modern Halifax by a drawbridge that isolates the estate, providing the perfect setting for the break.

The fort is offering ghost tours on Friday and Saturday nights until October 27, and year-round by appointment. The guard who welcomes travellers will take them by candlelight through the former fort’s artefacts, its ditches, ramparts, dark tunnels and prison cells. They are given an account of apparitions and unexplained happenings that are claimed to have occurred there.

The tour’s conductor says that the stories are true and that they are being presented after extensive research. The fort has 36 ghost stories in its eerie portfolio, and the list is growing. Tours begin at 8:30 pm at the venue’s front entrance kiosk and they last for an hour and a half. Those wishing to stay locally can book a room in one of several hotels close to the fort.

The fort was completed in 1856 and it is the fourth in a succession of forts to occupy the hill that overlooks Halifax harbour. It is considered a perfect example of its type. Today, it is one of Canada’s most visited national historic sites and even hosts weddings, dinners and Christmas celebrations.